Presidents Update – September 2016

President’s Update
September 20, 2016
To All NGJA Members,
Below is an update on several initiatives in the NGJA as we enter the fall season:

  1. Fall Certification Courses
    a. NGJA National and JO Courses – Fall course registration is now open!!! Go to, at the bottom of
    the page is a link to find and register for your local course. Just follow the directions.
    b. Since there is a new Code of Points and JO Program materials, there will be new tests and videos for
    everyone at their courses.
    c. New Testing System – The NGJA will launch this fall to all of its members. This new
    software will handle the online testing for all members.
  2. 2016 Olympic Challenge – this year’s contest was very exciting and the final results were very close.
    Congratulations to the top three teams:
    a. Makutz Eat’n Ceasar Salads – Num Kutz, Tom Kutz, Dave Eaton and Syque Ceasar
    b. Team Hurry Up and Wait – Courtney Parker, Kevin Muenz, Travis Coulbourn and Jusin Muenz
    c. Northeast SuperStars – Amanda Stroud, Nate Dotson, Zach Gagnon, Brandon Bruen and Devin DeBacker
  3. Fall Compulsory and Optional Judges Challenges – watch for information on these challenges in the next week.
    They will start in late September and are a great way for you to judge “real” JO compulsory and optional
    routines. This is one of the best ways to learn the new rules and prepare for the upcoming JO season.
    Congratulations to the US JR. Pan American team on their gold medal at the Jr. Pan American Games!!!
    Look for another update in October!
    Mike Juszczyk
    NGJA President