2019 NGJA/JO Course Information


To sign up for a local course in your area:

• click the course registration link below

• pay your NGJA registration fee of $25

• sign up for the appropriate course

• take your tests online prior to course


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Course Directors

  • Login and go to go to 2019 Course Directors page under education tab
    to set up your course.



Preparation Material:

National and Junior Olympic Courses and Tests


National Course Material

• National Course PowerPoint - General/Introduction

• National Course PowerPoint - FX/PH

• National Course PowerPoint - SR/V

• National Course PowerPoint - PB/HB

• Course Directors - List of National Course Directors


Link to FIG 2017-2020 Code of Points


Junior Olympic Course Material

The JO Test will be comprised of Compulsory and Optional questions from each of the documents below.

• JO Compulsory Test Review 

• JO Compulsory Test Review Answers

• JO Optional Test Review

• JO Optional Test Review Answers

• JO PowerPoint Presentation - The document contains information on all three - Compulsory, Optional and Technical Sequence Programs

Link to JO Updates etc.







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