Presidents Update – January 2017

President’s Update
January 19, 2017
To All NGJA Members,
Happy New Year Everyone! Below is a list of New Year’s resolutions sent to me by Tom McNamee. See how
many you can implement in 2017!!!
 Go visit a gym once a month to review the new rules and assist in routine construction (NCAA and/or
 Refer to the NGJA Gym-Duel routines before every assignment to brush up on the routines and rules.
 USE SYMBOLS! Even if you only use a few to start, you can add more as you go.
 Try to learn the Level 8 JO Pommel Horse rules! You never know when you may need to judge PH
 If you are really bored try to learn all the JO exceptions and extra skills.
 For all the old, I mean really experienced judges… Identify and mentor an up and coming or new
 Have fun!! The whole reason we are involved in the sport is we enjoy gymnastics. Don’t lose site of
Below is an update on several initiatives in the NGJA through January, 2017:

  1. The judging season has begun – the next 12 – 16 weeks should be busy for everyone with JO and NCAA
    competitions. I encourage everyone to review your rules diligently and be as prepared as possible for
    your judging assignments!
  2. Fall Certification Courses – Fall courses are completed.
    a. The new NGJA membership file will be posted at by January 30.
    b. Gym-Duel and Judge’s Challenge – The Gym-Duel and Judge’s Challenge routines and analysis’
    are great resource materials and provide an easy way to prepare for the upcoming JO
    competitions. I hope everyone takes advantage of these materials.
    c. FYI – The NGJA website had over 5,500 hits to the Olympic Challenge and 2,600 hits to the GymDuel pages this year!
  3. USAG and NCAA Nominations and Assignments – All assignments are completed and posted at under the Membership services tab. Click on National and International assignments.
  4. NCAA Initiative – this initiative was put on hold over the holidays and will resume now that the
    International courses have been completed. I’ll update further in the next update.
  5. FIG Brevet Certification Courses – the Intercontinental course in Bratislava and Continental course in
    Toronto are now completed. Congratulations to the 29 judges who successfully passed these courses. If
    you are interested in attending a Brevet course to attain a FIG rating, please contact Lisa Mendel at the
    USAG office. There will be a course for first time Brevets held in the US this summer. While no date has
    been identified, you must act now if you are interested in taking this course.
    I hope you have a successful 2017!
    Mike Juszczyk
    NGJA President