2023 NCAA Challenge Final Results

To All NGJA Members,

Get ready for the 7th annual NCAA Judges Challenge!!!

The 2023 NCAA Judges Challenge starts Tuesday, 21 November!!!  The Judges Challenge is the best way to improve your knowledge of the 2022-2024 Paris Code of Points and the 2022-2023 NCAA Modifications and the application of their rules.  By working with a group of judges you can discuss how rules are applied.  Then, when the panel publishes its analysis, you can agree, disagree, talk about the differences and ultimately your judging knowledge will improve! In addition, you can practice your shorthand and talk about the differences in the Junior Program.

Registration will close on November 21. Therefore, form your team now and play to win NGJA apparel. Here is what you can do now to prepare:

•       Call, text or email your judging friends and form your team now
•       Each team must have 2 – 5 members and a team name
•       The top 5 winning teams will all win NGJA embroidered polo shirts
•       All routines will be judged using the new 2022-2024 COP with NCAA modifications
•       Sharpen your judging skills and share your knowledge with your fellow judges

Good luck to you and your team !!!

Butch Zunich

Challenge Rules

Registration Links and Information




Week 4 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Evaluations

1. Sticks are amazing – The Muenz boys: Chris, Kevin, Justin and Cameron Sweeny
2. Catemaven2.0 – Juan Mora, Kenys Lucerna, Henyelberth Herrera, Jorge Sandoval, and Henderson Herrera
3. Working Dogs – Don Osborn, Andrew Sweeten, Arthur Thomas, Jacob Wade, and Russ Young
4(t). The K-Team – Tom Kutz, Num Kutz, Charlie Karza, Michael Ashe, and Sho Nakamori
4(t). Don’t Look Down! – Dave Johnson, Thomas Britton, Randy Gentile, Kent Itai, and Quintin Peters


Week 4 standings:
1. Masiciola’s Mas Koalas
2. Catemaven2.0
3. Judgmental
4. Sticks are amazing
5(t). Working Dogs
5(t). The Oregon-Grinders

Week 4 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Routines:     FX    PH    SR    VT    PB    HB 




Week 3 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Evaluations

Week 3 standings:

1(t). Gagnon my Gaylord
1(t). Don’t Look Down!
3(t). The K-Team
3(t). Sticks are Amazing
5(t). Working Dogs
5(t). 100% Correct 50% of the Time

Week 3 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Routines:     FX    PH    SR    VT    PB    HB 




Week 2 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Evaluations

Week 2 standings:

1(t). End of the Ten
2(t). Don’t Look Down!
3. Guinness Judging NCAA
4(t). 100% Correct 50% of the Time
4(t). Kiss My Cassina

Week 2 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Routines:     FX    PH    SR    VT    PB    HB 




Week 1 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Evaluations

Week 1 standings:

Fourteen teams tied for first place
1(t). Undergrip Specialists
1(t). One, let’s bail
1(t). Florida’s finest
1(t). Tumbling Titans
1(t). Working Dogs
1(t). 100% Correct 50% of the Time
1(t). End of the Ten
1(t). Sticks are Amazing
1(t). Prestige Region Wide
1(t). Team Georgia
1(t). The K-Team
1(t). Kiss My Cassina
1(t). Masciola’s Mas Koalas

Week 1 – 2023 NCAA Challenge Routine Routines:     FX    PH    SR    VT    PB    HB 




The winners of the 2022 NCAA Challenge were:

1.  Low Bar Specialists – Jonathan Corbitt, Greg Ter-Zakhariants, Phillip Pruett, John Scanlan
2.  Li Ning toward giving credit – Jon Karmecy, Dan Graham, Jon Klemens, Josh Seltzer, Curtis Wilson
3.  Team NorCal – Tom Kutz, Michael Ashe, Greg Ter-Zakhariants, Sho Nakamori
4.  May the Horse be with You – Bob Busse, John Scanlan, Wyatt Baier
5.  Guiness Judging – Felippe Mendonca, Douglas Bernabe, Rodrigo Caron, Francisco Arce, Julio Cesar Bernal


The winners of the 2021 NCAA Challenge were:

1. Drinking and Driving Level 3’s: Jeffrey Zack, Dave Hirst, Michael Zack, Miska Kustin
2(t).Lenny and the Jets: Lenny Lucarello, Travis Bluc, Lance Alberhasky, Phillip Pruett
2(t)Horsing Around: Craig Nesbitt, Felix Aronovich, Mike Newberger, Jack Boyle
4. Winter is near: Mark Sherman, Kristin Miller, Jeffrey Zach, James Sergeant
5. Eyes Wide Shut: John Karmecy, Jonathan Conrad, Brandon Jones, Thomas Britton


The Winners of the 2020 NCAA Judges Challenge were:

1. Prestige Region Wide: Paul Evatt, Josh Wilson, Dave Forister, Brent Simmons
2. Fystrom of Fury: Steve Jaciuk, Ellis Mannon, Alex Wittenberg
3(t). Backflip: Gregg Didech, Malcolm Brown, Aj Van Dyck, Anthony Mason
3(t). Big Dog Judging: Don Osborn, Darion Knight, Eric Van Sickle, Kevin Anderson
5(t). The Rusty Belts
5(t). Leg Kutz: Craig Nesbitt, Num Kutz, Linda Tickenoff, Kalind Carpenter


The Winners of the 2019 NCAA Judges Challenge were:

1. Midnight Train to Georgia –   S Nakamori, M Ashe, T Michaels, T Green
2. Hudson Valley – B Bruin, N Dotson
3(t). WWBDII – C Adams, L Lucarello, J Corbitt
3(t). Go Flank Yourself – G Didech, C Pryor, C Wilson, J Gaides
5. No Pity for the Kitty – P Wieging, E Shaw, H Steere, R Barclay