Presidents Update – November 2019

November 1, 2019

To All NGJA Members,
Here is an NGJA update for November 2019.

  1. Register Now for your NGJA Fall Certification Courses – Registration for the 2019-20 course in your area is now open. Go to the home page and click on the Course Registration link at the bottom of the page!
  2. Resources for your fall Judge’s Courses at – go to the NGJA home page, hover over the “Education” tab and click on “2019 Course Sign Up”. Everything you need to prepare for your course is provided for you.
  3. JO and National tests online – don’t procrastinate!!! Take both your JO and National tests asap. Of the 475 NGJA members who have registered for their courses, only 200 judges have taken their tests online!
  4. NCAA Challenge Starts in December – more information coming soon!
    1. Emphasis on applying FIG rules at NCAA competitions
    2. NCAA Judges Challenge in December – 4 week competition with awards
    3. This is the best tool to improve your optional judging at all levels
  5. Congratulations to Butch Zunich and Jon Corbitt as USA judges at the 2019 Individual World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany!!!
  6. Congratulations to the US Men’s Team which placed 4th at Worlds and qualified for the 2020 Olympic Games!!!

Special Comment: 2020 is an NGJA election year – to participate in the regional and national elections and be eligible to vote you must pass the NGJA National Exam. Those who only take the JO exam and pass are not eligible to vote in regional and national elections.

Best regards,
Mike Juszczyk
NGJA President