7:45 am - 7:00 pm
Saginaw HIgh School
800 North Blue Mound Rd, Saginaw, TX, 76131, Region 3

Lead Director Eric Briley

Assistant Director(s) Mark Sherman

Contact Cell 817-564-3639

Contact Email [email protected]


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This in person course will be held at Saginaw High.  

Saginaw High map

Green is parking, blue is entrance point


Be prepared for practical exam at end of course.

NGJA 2023-2024 Hybrid Schedule
7:45-8:05 Registration
8:10-8:40 Breakfast, snacks, announce Schedule
  collect money for lunch
  order lunch
  Local Association Business, assignments
8:40-8:45 Mandatory Slides
8:45-8:55 Ice Breaker Exericse
9:00-10:15 Floor
10:15 Break
10:20-11:30 Parallel Bars
11:30-12:15 Lunch
12:20-1:40 Pommel Horse
1:40 Break
1:50-3:00 Horizontal Bar
3:00 Break
3:10-4:10 Rings
4:10-4:40 Vault
4:40 Break
5:00-7:00 Course Director
  Junior Material
  NCAA Material

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