9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Master Builders Solutions
725 North 1000 West, Centerville, , UT, 84104

Lead Director Tom McNamee

Assistant Director(s) Chase Nilsen

Contact Cell 801-556-2819

Contact Email [email protected]

This will be the National Course for Optional Men’s Gymnastics.   The course will be a hybird of in person discussions and learning complimenting Zoom type presentations for each event of the 6 events.  Event presenters will cover level 7 – level 10 of the Junior Program as well as NCAA and FIG.  They will highlight rule changes, trends and typically seen execution evaluations.  Each event will be approximately 45 min with 15 minutes for questions.  

You should review the education tab on the NGJA website and download presentations and videos.  

We will do a compulsory course later in November.

As more information becomes available it will be posted to this site.  In the mean time please contact Tom McNamee at t[email protected] or Chase Nilsen at [email protected].

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