2023_Texas_BrileyEric_Online**Also for those that cannot attend their local course across the country**


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Lead Director Eric Briley

Assistant Director(s) Mark Sherman, Kevin Muenz, Cameron Sweny

Contact Cell 817-564-3639

Contact Email [email protected]

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November 4th TGJA Last Chance Online NGJA Course Certification

Because of the logistics and the dates of both in-person Texas National courses, the TGJA has decided to run a “Last Chance” online course like we did last year.  We are opening this up to judges in other areas of the country as well.  In person is always best, but if you cannot attend your local national course, this is an option.  The rules for participating in this online course will be very strict.

Rules of engagement:  You will be able to attend this course from the comfort of your own home.  The only rules are that you must attend the whole course and be ready to engage in conversation/judgment of routines.  For this to happen, your camera must be active the whole course.  Just like an in person course you are expected to be present the whole time to receive credit for the course. Failure to do so could result in not receiving credit for the course.

You must take the practical at the end of the online course.  Same as last year.


Date:  November 4th

Location: World Wide Web 🙂    Online Zoom site

Time:  8:30 – 5:30  Event experts will be piping in for each event’s lecture.

Online sign up will be sent out shortly.

Online course convenience fee:  $65 for judges

*Signup name and user information will be supplied from your account details