Presidents Update – November 2016

President’s Update
November 11, 2016
To All NGJA Members,
Below is an update on several initiatives in the NGJA through mid-November, 2016:

  1. Fall Certification Courses – Fall courses are currently being held and over two thirds are completed.
    a. JO and National Tests – Do not procrastinate!!! Take your JO and National tests asap!
    b. Gym-Duel and Judge’s Challenge – The Optional Gym-Duel starts Monday, November 14. This is a great
    way to prepare for the upcoming JO season and I hope everyone takes advantage of the great resource.
    FYI – The NGJA website had over 5,500 hits to the Olympic Challenge and 1,600 hits to the Gym-Duel
    pages during these contests!!!
  2. USAG and NCAA Nominations and Assignments – The Regional Technical Directors and Dean Schott (NGJA
    Technical VP) have been collaborating and working through these processes.
    a. The NCAA nominations and assignments should be official this week
    b. The USAG nominations and assignments should be official around the first week in December
  3. NCAA Initiative – Chris Adams and his subcommittee have developed a process for the NGJA to assume the
    management of the NCAA judges’ selection and assignment. The NGJA’s governing board is now reviewing it for
    approval. If approved, the proposal will be forwarded to the NCAA for review and hopefully approval.
  4. FIG Brevet Certification Courses – Current Brevet judges have been receiving communications from me
    regarding these courses. However, if you do not have a Brevet card and would like to attend and pass this
    course, please see your Association President or RTD for more information. There will be a course for first time
    Brevets held in the US this summer. While no date has been identified, you must act now if you are interested
    in taking this course.
    Congratulations to Butch Zunich, Dan Bachman, Jon Corbitt and Michael Ashe who have been selected by the USAG
    Men’s Program to represent the USA at the upcoming FIG InterContinental Course in Brataslava!!!
    Look for another update at the end of the year!
    Mike Juszczyk
    NGJA President