Presidents Update – February 2019

President’s Update
February 8, 2019

To All NGJA Members,
Here is an NGJA update for February 2019.

  1. 2018 NCAA Judging Season – don’t let up now, keep applying the FIG rules at NCAA competitions!
    a. NCAA Rules Modifications – Please make sure to review this document before judging any NCAA
    competition. You need to be aware of these important modifications when judging these competitions!
    b. All “NCAA” Challenge routines used and evaluated in the December NCAA challenge are great for
    competition preparation!
  2. Important changes at NCAA Road to Nationals website – This website not contains videos of almost all NCAA
    competitions!!! The videos are great for preparing to judge (or reviewing routines). Go to
    then click on Men at upper right
    a. Click on “Videos” Section in black menu bar – At this page, you can select a team, event and date of
    competition and see videos from the competition. This is a great resource for studying and preparation
    for NCAA competitions. OR…
    b. Click on “Standings”, then click on a team, then scroll down to their schedule and click on “View” at the
    left, then on the new page you will see the meet results. At this page, click on an event on the Grey bar
    at the top and you will see the competitors on that event. Click on their score and you will see the video
    of their routine. Important… at the top of the page is a PDF icon, click on this for breakdown of D/E
    scores by event!!!
  3. The 2018 JO Judging Season – New optional routines are posted every 2 weeks at in the “Latest NGJA
    News” box. These routines are evaluated for execution errors only. These routines are evaluated by the NGJA
    Jr., Sr. and NCAA National Apparatus Leaders. Similar to the challenge routines, you can judge, review and
    compare your work at your pace.
  4. National Assignments Posted– Congratulations to all the judges chosen to judge the NCAA Championships,
    Winter Cup, US Qualifier and P & G Championships. All assignments are posted under the membership tab at
  5. American Cup – Good luck to all the judges and athletes!!!
    Mike Juszczyk
    NGJA President