Presidents Update – August 2019

President’s Update – August, 2019

To All NGJA Members,
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, because fall is right around the corner. Here is the NGJA update for August

  1. P&G Championships in Kansas City, MO – August 8-10 are the dates for the US Championships in Kansas City,
    MO. The NGJA will hold its annual meetings during this event. NGJA members are invited to attend and observe
    the meeting on Friday, August 9, at the Kansas City Convention Ctr- Room -3501 E (this is close to Men’s Track
    National Congress lecture room) from 3 – 6 pm.
  2. Attention All Members – SafeSport certification is only good for 2 years. Recertification is no charge and only
    takes 15-20 minutes. Check your certification status at in the membership section and take care of
    this immediately if you have not done so already.
  3. NGJA Member Adam Hattersley is running for US Congress! – Adam Hattersley has just announced he is
    running for US Congress in 2020. Go to the link below to learn more and donate to his cause if you wish:
  4. NCAA Initiatives for 2019 – for the second straight year, the NGJA received very positive feedback from the
    NCAA coaches and administration regarding the implementation of its NCAA judging initiatives. However, as an
    organization, our challenge is to find consistency in our officiating across the US! This can only be accomplished
    by continuing our initiatives and evaluating our progress. As a result, I am asking everyone to again embrace the
    objectives established last year:
    a. Emphasis on applying FIG rules at NCAA competitions
    b. NCAA Judges Challenge in December and January – 4 week competition with awards
    c. NCAA NALs to align NCAA judging with FIG rules
    d. Evaluated NCAA routines on for education and comparison
  5. NGJA Fall Certification Courses – The 2019-20 certification course material is currently being developed for the
    fall courses. More information will be shared in the next newsletter regarding the registration and preparation
    process for the fall courses.
    I hope you enjoy the final days of your summer!
    Mike Juszczyk
    NGJA President