Presidents Update – August 2017

President’s Update
August 1, 2017

To All NGJA Members,
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, because fall is right around the corner. Here is an NGJA update for

  1. P&G Championships in Anaheim – August 17-19 are the dates for the USA Championships in Anaheim.
    The NGJA will hold its annual meetings during this event. NGJA members are invited to attend and
    observe the meeting on August 18, at the Anaheim Hilton in the Malibu room from 3 – 6 pm.
  2. The 2016-2020 Age Group Competition Program Update #3 is now available – this update is
    effective immediately and will be covered in the fall certification courses.
  3. NGJA Fall Certification Courses – The 2017-18 certification course material is currently being developed
    for the fall courses. More information will be shared at the end of the month regarding the registration
    and preparation process for all the associations.
  4. NCAA Initiatives for 2018 – get ready for some big changes in the NCAA program!
    a. Emphasis on applying FIG rules at NCAA competitions
    b. NCAA Judges Challenge in December – 3 week competition with awards
    c. NCAA NALs to align NCAA judging with FIG rules
    d. Evaluated NCAA routines on for education and comparison
  5. U110 Safe Sport Certification required – Effective this year… when you renew your Professional
    Membership for the coming year, you will be required to also take a new education course called U110
    USOC Safe Sport. This course has been developed by the USOC and will be a requirement for all USAG
    Professional Members. The course is free but it will take you 1-2 hours to complete.
  6. FIG Brevet Certification Courses – Pending the results from the US Brevet course in Colorado Springs,
    the US should now have approximately 70 Brevet judges. Congratulations to all the judges who
    participated in a Brevet course!
    Mike Juszczy

PS – Below is a list of New Year’s resolutions sent to me by Tom McNamee and published in the January update. How many have you been able to implement so far in 2017???

  • Visit a gym once a month to review the new rules and assist in routine construction (NCAA and/or JO)
  • Refer to the NGJA Gym-Duel routines before every assignment to brush up on the routines and rules.
  • USE SYMBOLS! Even if you only use a few to start, you can add more as you go.
  • Try to learn the Level 8 JO Pommel Horse rules! You never know when you may need to judge PH
  • If you are really bored try to learn all the JO exceptions and extra skills.
  • For all the old, I mean really experienced judges… Have you identified and worked to mentor an up and coming or new judge?