Presidents Update – April 2018

President’s Update
April 1, 2018

To All NGJA Members,
The gymnastics season is winding down as we prepare for JO Regionals, NCAA conference and National championships.
Here is an NGJA update to help with your preparations in April.

  1. 2018 New Year’s Resolution – “Comfortability leads to Contentment!” Don’t let yourself get comfortable with
    the rules. Always prepare for your upcoming competitions and don’t rely on studying at the event!
  2. New NCAA Interpretations – For those of you judging the NCAA conference and National Championships, an
    updated NCAA interpretations document (dated March 3) has been posted at Make sure to review
    all the skills in this document as well as the new skills added in the past few weeks!!!
  3. 2018 NCAA Judging Season – don’t let up now, keep applying the FIG rules at NCAA competitions!
    a. Road to Nationals – Go to then Men, then Charts, then All Team Charts to see the
    Home/Away difference!
    b. All “NCAA” Challenge routines used and evaluated in the December NCAA challenge are great for
    competition preparation!
    c. New NCAA routines will be posted every 2 weeks. These routines are evaluated by the NGJA Jr., Sr. and
    NCAA National Apparatus Leaders. Similar to the challenge routines, you can judge, review and
    compare your work at your pace.
  4. The 2018 JO Judging Season – all “JO” Optional, Compulsory and Technical Sequence routines used and
    evaluated in the 2017 fall JO challenges are great for competition preparation! You can access any of these
    routines to prepare for your judging assignments during the competition season at
    Good luck to all the officials participating in the post season competitions!
    Mike Juszczyk
    NGJA President