Remembering Ted Muzyczko

NGJA Mourns the Passing of Ted Muzyczko

Ted Muzyczko served as a judge for 34 years, judging more than 1,000 meets in his long career, which included the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, World Games, and Goodwill Games. The successful former competitor at the University of Illinois-Chicago went on to serve as a board member of the USGF for six years, ranging from between 1964 and 1980. Ted is a member of the NGJA Frank J. Cumiskey Hall of Fame and is a published author of many gymnastics articles.

Ted was a mentor to countless judges in the community. He was an innovator in judging and used symbols to record routines in the 1970’s and 80’s before symbols were invented.   Ted was one of the founders of the NGJA in 1968 and he also served two terms as NGJA President.  In addition to being Technical Director for the 1991 World Championships in Indianapolis, he judged 4 World Championships in 1970 (Ljubljana), 1981 (Moscow), 1993 (Birmingham) and 1995 (Sebae).   Ted also served as USA Olympic Judge for the 1984 Los Angeles Games and the 1988 Seoul Games.   

Ted will be missed by many in the gymnastics community, and the NGJA offers its deepest condolences to Ted’s family and friends. Please consider a donation to the Thaddeus Muzyczko Memorial Scholarship fund, which also includes additional information about Ted’s life and legacy.

USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame – Ted Muzyczko