Double Chaguinian to Wende dismount?

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Gymnast - Maxim Cherednyk, USA Gymnastics # 1302337 Club - Nick flippin Kids, Clayton Nc During my first year of level 9 I performed a dismount called Chaguinian to wende. It has 2 stocklies and a wende. Now i am submitting a video for a possible upgrade to the original Chaguinian dismount with 4 stocklies and a wende. Could it be compared to a Russian dismount of 720? If so, then it is possible to do 6 stocklies and a wende for another upgrade compared to a 1080 russian dismount. Is the skill in the video a new skill? Thank you. Maxim Cherednyk

One Bar Kip to straddle cut to handstand

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Scissor 1/2 Travel 3/3

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