7:45 am - 6:00 pm
Bounce & Hartland Sports Center
2755 Arena Dr, Hartland, MI, 48353

Lead Director Andy Brown

Assistant Director(s)

Contact Cell 734-536-8931

Contact Email [email protected]

The course will be “hybrid” in the sense that there will be in-person presentations as well as live presentations from guest presenters provided over Zoom. 
Course outline may look like this:
8:00 am Take attendance/sign-in
8:15 Review course procedure, testing criteria, material, schedule (lunch, dinner, etc), and review of mandatory slides; mandatory slides (basics of judging, perception, etiquette etc).
8:45 Present Floor (in person):  Basic SYMBOLS, review new/changes rules, confusing rules, review 10-40 slides with video examples embedded, practice judges, review JD clarifications, changes, and bonus
10:00 Present Pommel Horse via ZOOM with, for example, Cameron Sweny joining
Same Format including Basic SYMBOLS, review current changes, confusing rules, review 5-20 slides, use links in the chat for routines, course director shows linked video on big screen, JD clarifications, changes, bonus.  15 Minute Q & A, each course director gathers questions from their audience. Each Course director asks one question until all or most courses have a chance to ask.
11:15 Break
11:30 Present Still Rings via ZOOM with, for example, Mike Juszczyk, joining
12:30 Lunch Break
1:00 Present Vaulting via ZOOM with, for example, Ron Hill or George Krenk joining
1:45 Present Parallel Bars via ZOOM with, for example, Mark Sherman joining
3:00 Break
3:15 Present Horizontal Bar via ZOOM with, for example, Butch Zunich joining
4:30 Course Director’s choice of additional content, for example general Q & A; JD Compulsory review and judging; JD Optionals review and judging, NCAA rules review
5:30/6:00 Dinner, practical exam

*Order of events may be adjusted to accommodate guest presenters who may be given several presentations during a single day.

FLOOR: Paul Evatt / Eric Briley
PH: Nate Dotson / Cameron Sweny
RINGS: Jon Corbitt / Mike J
Vault: Mark Sherman / Dan Bachman
PB: Dave Johnson / Mark Sherman
HB: Butch Zunich / Kevin Muenz


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