All Day
Vanguard University - Heath Building Room #109
55 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, 1

Lead Director Nat Hammond

Assistant Director(s) Walter Jaramillo

Contact Cell 7027681750

Contact Email [email protected]

The SCGJA course is October 14th 800am-5pm.
Vanguard University
565 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
The in-person course is being held on Oct 14th at Vanguard University.
Normally on the day following the course, I host a Zoom practice judging session.
This have been postponed to a TBA weekend in October.
Payment for the course can be made onsite.  Checks accepted and payable to SCGJA.

To register:

Login to your NGJA.org account.
Click “Sign up for a 2023 Judges Course” in the Latest NGJA News section.
Step 1: Renew your NGJA membership if you need to ($25).
Step 2: Sign Up For a Course.  Find 2023_SoCal_hammondNat_CostaMesa and click Book Now!
The test will be made available starting October 20 and will remain open until Nov 5!
Hybrid Course
Each Saturday in October (7,14,21,28) there will be an “attendance optional” hybrid course (online presentations).
This course is intended to be hosted by the course director and be an interactive, in-person presentation session.
The course will only cover JDP Levels 7-10 and NCAA/FIG rules.
Currently, solitary logins are not accepted; you must be in a group.
HOWEVER, let me know if you are interested in attending one of these courses, and I will work with the organizers to accommodate you.

*Signup name and user information will be supplied from your account details