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The NGJA Frank J. Cumiskey Judging Hall of Fame is the highest judging award of the NGJA. Below is the list of our members who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and further, a description from our by-laws of the process by which someone becomes a member of the Hall of Fame. As you can see, this is an elite judging body, and membership is based on meeting strict standards.


1972 Frank Cumiskey
1973 Jerry Todd
1973 Fred Meyer
1974 Les Sasvary
1975 William (Bill) Roetzheim
1976 Robert Stout
1977 Ted Muzyczko
1979 Lou Bordo
1979 Vincent D'Autorio
1981 Richard Aronson
1982 Jerry Hardy
1984 Anthony (Tony) Ricciardi
1988 Leon Todd Dinicola
1989 John (Jack) G. Beckner
1992 George Beckstead
1992 Harry Bjerke
1992 John Burkel
1994 Gary Karl Alexander
1994 Sid Drain
1995 Abe Grossfeld
1996 Ken Allen
1997 Jon Boulton
1997 Mark Graham
1998 Jon Culbertson
2001 Jerry Wright
2002 Jim McKinney
2002 John Scheer
2003 Fred Orlofsky
2003 Butch Zunich
2004 Don Allin
2004 Mike Milidonis
2006 Ken Achiron
2006 Tom Walthouse
2007 Hal Frey
2008 Steve Butcher
2009 Mark Williams
2010 Doug Hills
2010 Tom Gibbs
2011 Brian Richmond
2011 Paul Tickenoff

Dan Bachman


Mark Sherman


Bob Witmer


Gerard "Jerry" Donahue


 Michael Jusczcyk

  2019 Brian Meeker

The NGJA Frank J. Cumiskey Judging Hall of Fame election will be conducted by the NGJA President or his designee who must be a member of the NGJA Governing Board. The NGJA Frank J. Cumiskey Judging Hall of Fame election will be conducted annually at a time appropriate to allow presentation at the annual NGJA general meeting. Nominations will be solicited by the person conducting the election. Nominations may only be made by Member Association Presidents, members of the NGJA Governing Board or members of the NGJA Technical Branch. Candidates should supplement their nomination with a professional resume. The person conducting the election must verify that each candidate meets the minimum criteria for selection. Ballots are to be prepared as per Division II operating Procedures, Article III, Section 2, Ballot Procedure. A two (2) week period postmark will be allowed for conducting this election.

The candidates are to be voted on by the NGJA Governing Board members and by members already inducted into the NGJA Frank J. Cumiskey Hall of Fame. NGJA Governing Board Members must participate in the elections as one of their professional responsibilities. No eligible voter will receive more than one ballot. The NGJA National Secretary shall maintain and annually update the record of recipients and eligible voters.

Induction: A candidate will be inducted if any of the following occurs:

A. A candidate receives 2/3 "yes" votes of all those eligible to vote; or a candidate receives 2/3 "yes" votes of all votes cast in an election in which at least 75% of all eligible voters participate.

All fractions will be elevated to the next highest number (for example, .666% of 26 = 17.2, thus a candidate would require 18 yes votes for induction). The NGJA Frank J Cumiskey Hall of Fame election results must be verified by the NGJA President and a second member of the NGJA Governing Board. The confidential results must be reported to the entire NGJA Governing Board within fourteen (14) days of the election.

The NGJA Frank J. Cumiskey Hall of Fame Award will be presented at the NGJA general meeting held in conjunction with the USA Gymnastics Congress. The award is to be presented by the NGJA President or his designee. The award is to be signed by the NGJA National President and the NGJA General Technical Vice President.

The criteria for nominations are:

A. Forty (40) years of age, minimum.

B. Fifteen (15) years of judging experience.

C. Participation in clinics and courses, local, national, or international.

D. Acting in an administrative capacity, i.e. Judges Directors, Officer, Director, etc.

E. Prepared publications related to gymnastics judging.

F. Work in judging associations on the local or national level.

G. Illuminating or advancing judging in a significant manner.

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