2017 Compulsory Judge's Challenge


Welcome to the 2017 Judges Compulsory Judge's Challenge

2017 JO Compulsory Challenge Reminders!!!

When you click on the links, you will connect to YouTube and see the routine.  The routines are not high level routines and can be a little rough.  These routines are in gym settings so you may see the gymnasts in workout clothes (do not deductfor this).   Please keep in mind the following information:

  • The routines can be tricky since kids are unpredictable.  You may find missing or added skills.
  • After you judge the routine, determine your Start Value including Bonus and your total Execution deductions for each routine
  • You can use any reference materials you choose
  • Next Monday, I will post the evaluations for each routine and you can compare your scores.

Week 1 Level 4 – there are 2 routines per event

Remember, you can do this by yourself, work in a group or consult with judges or coaches.  Have fun!!!


















Beginning Monday, September 18th, all NGJA judges are invited to participate in the 2017 Compulsory Judge's Challenge!  There are no fees or outside commitments, only a little of your time each week is required to prepare for the upcoming compulsory and optional season.  Here are the details:

Purpose:   The Compulsory Judge's Challenge is designed to help you prepare for your JO compulsory judging certification course and subsequently the 2017 – 2018 boys’ gymnastics judging season.

Fees:  NONE!!!

How does it work? 

1.     Every Monday an email will be sent to all current NGJA judges announcing the posting of the routine links at with basic instructions

2.     Each week a different level of routines will be posted at (week 1 – level 4, week 2 – level 5, week 3 – level 6, week 4 – level 7).

3.     You simply go to the home page, click on the JO Compulsory Judge's Challenge and then each event link (link will take you to YouTube) and judge the routine.  You can review the routine as many times as you wish and you can refer to your new 2017 – 2020 JO rules and updates. 

4.   You can work by yourself, in a team, or discuss the routine with other judges or coaches if you like.  You judge the routines, record your Start Value (including Bonus) and total Execution deductions for each routine.  You have the week to review any rules or updates to help you arrive at your “best scores”.

5.    On Monday of the following week, the JO NALs evaluations will be posted at so you can compare your scores and determine how accurately you evaluated the routine.  This is an outstanding way to learn the new rules, the latest interpretations and practice judge with real routines.

6.     The entire process will repeat itself again each week.  Every Monday a new set of routines for a different compulsory level will be posted and the following Monday you will find the evaluations.

There are no other rules.  You can work independently or consult with other coaches or judges!  Your participation can only help you better prepare for both your certification course and the upcoming season.  The Compulsory Judge's Challenge is a great way to improve your knowledge and make you a better judge.

When does the Compulsory Judge's Challenge begin?  Monday, September 18

I hope everyone takes advantage of this program to prepare for your fall courses and the upcoming JO season!!!

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